I’m a novice beekeeper in Florence, Texas learning as I go about how to keep a happy and healthy hive. My husband, Hial, is my valiant sidekick and photographer. I’m writing this blog so I can share our photojournal of our adventures in beekeeping with friends and family, but welcome anyone who is interested in bees.

Me and my bees


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  1. love it, thanks for including me. What is bearding??, and what is capped nectar?? Honey, and Honey comb yet??

    • Hi Paige,
      Bearding is when bees cluster outside so thickly that it looks like the hive has a beard. Capped nectar is cells the bees have stored honey in, which will turn into honey when it ferments. None of it is honey yet, but will be by the end of summer. And honey comb? Oh, my! The bees have filled every frame with comb. Some cells are used by the queen for eggs, some for pollen, and some for nectar/honey. It’s a beautiful sight!

      Check back often for new posts. I just added a new post about today’s inspection with new photos, which you’ll love.

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