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Warm January Day

It’s been really cold for what feels like ages: freezing overnight temps almost every night and sometimes during the day as well. I’ve been breaking out the scarves and gloves and the bees have been clustered up inside, not even peeking out most days. But we have a break from the cold weather this week and the temps have been in the high 60s in the afternoon. I took advantage of today’s near-70 degrees to check the honey supplies in the hive.

They are just starting to nibble at the honey around the edges of the honey frames, so there is lots left with only a couple of month of winter left. There is also a crazy number of drones left, which surprises me since the girls have been hauling them out every chance they get and there’s quite a pile of dead drones outside the hive. I pulled out an empty frame and there were at least 30 drones just milling around. I wonder if the girls are herding them up there and away from the honey stores.

Juniper/cedar trees are pollenating now, but I haven’t seen any bees coming in with pollen (on days its warm enough to forage), but I have read they will collect whatever pollen is available, so maybe they are. I’m sure they’re gathering sap to make more sticky propolis, though. There was no shortage of it glueing the frames in!


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