Late Summer Turns to Fall

I did a quick inspection of the upper honey super on September 22, but was so swamped with preparing for the graduation exams for my master’s degree AND teaching AND last semester homework, I didn’t have a minute to spare to update my blog.

The bees have busy without my snooping though and taking advantage of the flowers that continue to bloom after the fabulous rains, zipping in and out all day. We had our first real cold front for the season move in a couple of weeks ago, and I put the entrance reducer in to help keep them warm. They were not as active with the cooler temps, but a few stalwart bees were still working at hauling in the pollen. Of course, a couple of days later, I had to take it out again because the temps were back into the 80s.

I would like to do one more full inspection before winter and I’m sure I’ll have another warm day for it. This is Texas after all, where it can be freezing in the morning and near 70 in the afternoon.

Scooping bees back into the hive.



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