Brood in the Honey

Three weeks ago, the bees were starting to draw a bit of comb in their new honey super. I’ve been eager since then to see how it’s coming along. When I added the honey super, I did not put in the queen excluder – a screen through which worker bees may pass but is too small for the queen to pass – because many experienced bee keepers said the bees would probably not use the super. They had also said the queen most likely would not lay eggs in it because she can really only lay enough to maintain two large chambers. Today would be the test of that advice.

The first frame was completely filled with beautiful amber-colored honey and the next several frames were fully drawn with comb and at least 50% filled with honey. So far so good.

Some of the bees on this frame look like a bee-wreath as they are working on making and storing honey.

Another frame with bees working in groups.

Then I checked the sixth frame: and there was capped brood! In my honey super. Didn’t they know it was only for storing honey so I could spread it on toast? The next three frames also had lots of capped brood in the middle like this one.

Also, that frame was apparently not spaced perfectly because they build a bit of line of comb perpendicular to the frame and connecting two frames together. I carefully cut out that part and tried to make sure the frame was spaced better when we finished.

It looks like they’re making a new wall to divide the frame.

I definitely do not want eggs and larvae in any honey I collect, so I put the queen excluder under the honey super. The brood will all hatch but the queen won’t be able to lay more eggs there and hopefully the bees will fill in the empty cells with honey as summer progresses.

I will add another honey super in a week or so since they’ve done such a fabulous job of filling this one.

Since the queen is obviously still laying and in good production, I did not inspect the brood chamber.

Hial loves to watch the bees doing stuff with pollen packs. This packet was on top of one of the frames and the bee was moving it around.



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