Baby Bee and LOTS of Honey

Over a week ago, I did a quick check to see what progress was being made in the honey super. I checked again today and they haven’t done a thing. No comb has been drawn at all. So, I took the super off in order to check the brood chamber. The last time I checked that box of frames almost every center frame had eggs, larvae, and capped brood with honey and pollen around the edges of the frame. It’s a different chamber today.

Almost every frame is white with capped honey. They must be storing up for winter.

The first frame still has no comb, and since the same frame in the box below it is also not drawn, I don’t think they plan to use it. The next two frames are all honey and many of the other frames are fairly full of honey as well. None of the frames have eggs or larvae and only a scattering of capped brood. I didn’t want to disturb the hive body below, and since there is no evidence of supercedure (when the bees decide to replace the queen) or swarming (when the bees decide to leave), I’m going to assume for now that she is still ok. If in a few weeks there’s no evidence of new bees in the brood chamber, I’ll go deeper and check the hive body below.

This bee watched Hial for quite a while.

One of my fears came true today: I dropped a frame. I was using my frame lifter and I guess it wasn’t fully engaged around the wood. Suddenly the frame just fell. Fortunately, I was holding it over the hive, so it didn’t fall far and all the bees that were knocked off fell into the hive. But it definitely stirred them up. Hial gave them a couple of puffs of smoke while I carefully put the frame back in and we stepped back for a few minutes while they settled down, which didn’t take long. At least they’re pretty docile and not easily angered.

While we were inspecting, we noticed a small hole in a capping and took a closer look. It was a baby bee just starting to chew her way through the capping. There were at least three on this particular frame starting to chew through. Check it out on youtube.



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2 responses to “Baby Bee and LOTS of Honey

  1. Lori Hannah

    that was neat, thanks for putting it up for us to see. I thought the bee would be smaller, but looks fully formed. Really interesting!

    • Yes, they come out fully formed, but won’t leave the hive for about 3 weeks. She’ll spend her time working inside the hive and tending to the larvae before she’s ready to go find nectar and pollen for the hive. I was glad we were looking at just the right time to see some hatching.

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