Inspection on Independence Day

I admit, I expected more work to be done after two weeks with the new honey super. At least some comb should be drawn, I thought. But no. It’s still bare with not a trace of new comb.

But there are bees up there, and they are working on making wax for the comb, so that’s a start. And the extra space helps keep them a little cooler, too, which I’m sure they appreciate. The beekeeper for Bees and Beekeeping explained a couple of months ago that the bees all strung together, as in the picture below, have filled up with honey in order to make wax.

I also smooshed two hive beetles. They don’t hurt the bees or larvae, but they are a nuisance, so I’ll have to do something about them. There’s some treatment I can put on the ground around the hive and I can bait them with cooking oil. I’ll try the cooking oil first and see how that goes. I don’t want them making a mess in the hive with their pesky eggs and larvae.

Peeking down through the super into the top brood chamber.


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