Two Month Hive Inspection

I installed the bees in their brand-new hive two months ago and they got right to work. A little over a week ago I added a deep brood chamber on top of the hive body. Today I checked to see if they’ve been working up there and if the queen is laying.

Hial played with our new video camera, which is supposed to take still shots while recording. The shots aren’t as clear as with our digital camera – might need to play some more to get it just right. I’m thankful for my trusty camera man though and all his help.

I’ve been struggling with the smoker. I usually get a few minutes of smoke before it dies out, which is not helpful when the hive is already open. This time, I used a bigger wad of paper and let it burn for a bit before I put in the cotton. It seemed to be burning well… then nothing. I pulled it all out and relit the paper, then put in smaller wads of cotton and made sure it was actually burning before adding more. Finally, I got it smoking for the whole inspection. I didn’t need it much though. The bees were very calm today, maybe because they’re not as crowded, or because it’s a little overcast.

There are a few bees working on this outer frame, but most of them are on the other side of the brood chamber.

I was glad to see lots of bees working in the brood chamber when I opened the hive. I pulled out an end frame, and the bees there were just starting to work on drawing comb on both sides.

The next two frames had comb drawn on the top half and some nectar stored there, but no eggs.

The fourth frame though, which is next to one of the three frames I moved from the bottom last week, has fully drawn comb and, more important, larvae. Yay! That means the queen has been there. If she works as quickly in the brood chamber as she did in the hive body, it won’t be long before most of the frames are full of eggs and brood.

Taking a closer look for eggs and larvae

Here’s the video on YouTube!


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