Week Seven Inspection

May 28, 2012

Video on YouTube

The tenth frame, which I added a few weeks ago. Lots of nectar stored and larvae growing.

I thought 10,000 bees was a lot of bees when I installed the package in early April. Nope; 60,000+ bees is a lot of bees. The queen has been laying 2,000 eggs every day and I’ve been able to tell that there has been a significant increase in the population based on the number of bees flying in and out every day.

When I opened the hive today, every frame was blanketed with bees, compared to just three frames when they first moved in. Every frame in the hive body is drawn with comb now and all have nectar stored along with eggs and larvae. I only looked at the last frame I added a few weeks ago so I wouldn’t disturb the bees too much.

Comb on the inner cover.

The bees have started making comb on top of the frames and in the cover. They really need an addition to the hive. UPS says it’s scheduled for delivery tomorrow, so I’ll add it as soon as possible. That should also help cool them off as it continues to get hot.

What I’m wondering now is, if they have totally filled ten frames of the hive body in just seven weeks, will they fill the brood chamber in the same amount of time? How big can a hive get? Will have I have a skyscraper by the end of the year and need a ladder to open the hive?

These bees are too busy working the nectar to notice me. There are two bees on the left that are passing nectar between them. Foraging bees collect the nectar from flowers, then pass it to bees in the hive to store.

The bees have made comb on top of the frame. You can see their little tongues going into the nectar.

We had a tasty treat of unfermented honey from the comb I scraped from the tops of the frames. I also made a gooey mess on the camera and on the cinder blocks under the hive. Next time, I’ll have to remember to take a dish to set it in.


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