Week Two Inspection

April 21, 2012

What a difference a week makes! Last week the bees had a good start on drawing comb and the center frames had eggs. This week, more of the frames have comb, there are eggs, larvae, and lots of capped brood. The bees are also storing nectar and pollen. It was so exciting to see how much work they’ve done in the past week. I have a feeling things will really start to take off from here.

A drone bee

We noticed this drone hanging out. He’s one of the few male bees in a hive. If he survives until winter, the female workers will give him the boot.


I think the morning sun shining on the comb is just lovely.

The puffy yellow stuff is the cap over a brood cell with a baby bee growing inside. You can also see stored pollen around the brood cells.


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